Food and Beverages

SRK Noodle House


If you have seen our food and also eaten in any of our restaurants, you surely will want to return to continue eating the best food. Perfect materials and freshly made noodles sauces and soup make us hard to resist! So make a stop at our restaurants! We are pleased to offer a variety of Sarawak inspired recipes. Our restaurants offer a pleasant environment in which you can order to-go or linger in our dining area with our variety and specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Have you tried our Sarawak Laksa? Or the renowned Tomato Kuey Teow? We bring Sarawak’s original taste right to your doorsteps, literally!  Whether you want to dine-in at any one of our restaurants, or have it delivered right to your doorsteps with our partner Food Panda, our dishes will tickle your pallet and leave you satisfied and satiated.


Our noodles and raw material are made specially to preserve the taste of the dishes so that you can have the best experience of tasting original recipes from Sarawak.


Our restaurants are air-conditioned so that you can dine in comfort. Whether you want get together with your friends over a simple lunch or have a get together dinner where you can share great food and enjoyable laughter over a bowl of tasty Kampua Mee or Special Mee Hoon, we are the right choice for you. Call us in advance if you need to make a reservation.