SRK Noodle House Grand Opening (Paradigm Mall)

1st March 2019 marks the Grand Opening of SRK Noodle House new outlets in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya. To celebrate the auspicious occasion, Many incredible & exciting deals, free foods, free gifts were offered to all customers and also they had the chance to watch the traditional Chinese lion dance and Bian Lian. The event gained so much traction and we were visited by many loyal customers, friends and made new connections throughout the day.

20190301 SRK Paradigm Mall Opening Photo - Ribbon Cutting
Ribbon cutting during the ceremony makes a big splash

Known as one of the largest and most popular Sarawak food restaurant chains in Malaysia, SRK Noodle House is no stranger to many Sarawakians and people who are craving for Sarawak delicacies.

Whether to order a bowl of Sarawak Kampua mee, Sarawak laksa or Rojak, SRK Noodle House is endeavor to satisfy your taste buds by serving their traditional and authentic Sarawak specialties.

SRK Kampua Mee
One of the most highlighted special menu from SRK Noodle House “Kampua Noodle”

On the day of the Grand Opening, SRK Noodle House served up many delicious foods from their menu’s especially Kampua Noodles for everyone who came. The food in SRK Noodles House is always made by using the best ingredients to enhance their dining experience.

The thought behind this delightful meal was to let everyone taste the goodness of the authentic Sarawak Specialties in “SRK Noodle House” and also to introduce Sarawak delicacies to others.

SRK Sarawak Laksa
SRK Sarawak Laksa
20190301 SRK Paradigm Mall Opening Photo
Our Managing Director Dato’ Seri Dr. Peter Sia (Left) with Mr. Wong Tes Siong, Founder of SRK Noodle House (Right) took a photo with SRK Noodle House Mascot.